Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer-Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer-Aas

Instrument introduction:TR-TCS-03 is a multifunctional and automatic atomic absorption spectrophotometer with very small size. It has a strong control and data processing ability. Full automatic analysis and test are done by PC and specialized AAWINLAB computer workstation soft.The operation is flexible and easy.The built-in sma

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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer-Atomic Absorption Spectrometer-Aas
Instrument introduction:
TR-TCS-03 is a multifunctional and automatic atomic absorption spectrophotometer with very small size. It has a strong control and data processing ability. Full automatic analysis and test are done by PC and specialized AAWINLAB computer workstation soft.The operation is flexible and easy.The built-in small laboratory system has the function of total quality control(QC) and supports  the functions of GLP and GMP. It can also achieve the coupling technique  like automatic sampler and hydride generator.The instrument has advantages like high sensitivity ,accuracy and quick analysis speed.

1. aerosol -like inside and outside optical path integration structure and the CAN-BUS distribution system ensure the    
   expansibility of the instrument. 
2. Six, eight or ten hollow cathode lamps can be installed (two hollow cathode lamps with high performance can be installed.)
3. Patented optical signal processing system and circuit design with high accuracy produce low electrical noise and resist  
    interference strongly. 
4. Thermostable ,anti-corrosive entire titanium burner head and inertia polyphenylene sulfide atomizing chamber ensure  easy
    cleaning  and  non-memory effect. 
5. The automatic switchover and the manual switchover of the atomizer are achievable. The instrument also has the functions
   of  auto-ignition and auto- flameout and automatic control of flux. 
6. Intellectualized work software achieves the function of breakdown self-checking and  automatic background adjustment
7. Comprehensive security countermeasure:protecting instrument from abnormal,leak of acetylene alarm, theundervoltage
   protection etc.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer-Atomic Absorption Spectrometer-Aas


Analysis and Application:
TR-TCS-03full  automatic atomic absorption spectrophotometer widely applies to the analysis and test of  Cu, Ag, Au,  Zn, Cd, Hg, Al and so on .

Enviromental Protection: 
• Analysis of metal pollutant  in atmosphere,  water and  soil

Medicine Health 
•  The analysis and control of  metallic element in medicine production technics.
•  The detect of  metallic element in the process of Clinical and disease analysis  ,like blood, urine, hair etc.

Food Sanitation 
•  Analysis  of metallic element in each kind of food  ,like meats, aquatic product, liquor, tea, dairy etc.

Geological Metallurgy 
•  Geological prospecting, mineral analysis, mineral appraisal etc.
•  craft control of steel products smelting and analysis of impurity.

Agricultural Analysis
•  analysis  of  various metallic element produced in agricultural production process, like grain ,seed ,vegetables ,feed , chemical fertilizer etc.

Cosmetics Analysis
•  analysis of metallic element  in each kind of cosmetics

Education Scientific Research
Teaching demonstration, student test , analysis of metallic element produced in the scientific research

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer-Atomic Absorption Spectrometer-Aas     Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer-Atomic Absorption Spectrometer-Aas
                      [VARIAN]                                                                      [PE]

Technical Parameter:  
Flame Analysis: 
·Benchmark concentration of Cu <0.03μg/ml      
·Limit of detection<0.005μg/ml (Cu) 
·Background calibration at 1A≥50 times
·the burner head of burner metal entire titanium 50 and 100mm can be exchanged
·The optimum height of position adjustment and  the before and after  position can be set automatically.

Graphite Furnace analysis: 
·Benchmark concentration of Cd:0.5×10-12 g       
·Limit of detection  :1×10-12 g  (Cd)
·RSD≤2%           ·Temperature rising speed ≥2000ºC/s
·Temperature range : R.T.~3000ºC       
·Heating way 9 steps, slope, step and warming way of the maximum power 
·power control in the stage of drying process by controlling temperature. Light-controlled max. power temperature rising in atomization process
Graphite Furnace auto-sampler: 
Intelligent sample configuration, self-cleaning ,self-diagnosis function
the number of  sample :sample 50 set,trial produce 5 set                        

Basic parameter:
Main machine
Dimension: 610×500 ×450mm(length×height×width) 
Weight of the instrument :45Kg    Power:150W
Power:220V±22V   50HZ±0.5HZ

 graphite furnace 
Dimension: 240×500 ×450mm(length×height×width) 
Weight of the instrument :60Kg    Power:3600W
Power:220V±22V   50HZ±0.5HZ

Service Support:
High quality research and application team will reply your service demand promptly. Helping users to develop analysis method of chromatograph and spectrum is free of charge and sample test is also provided.


Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer-Atomic Absorption Spectrometer-Aas

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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer-Atomic Absorption Spectrometer-Aas

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