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Fluorescence Analysis/Fluorescence Spectrometer/Laboratory InstrumentProduct Description:      Fluorescence analysis is a high sensitive and high selective sophisticated analytical method. This method can provide information including excitation and emission spectrum, emission light intensity and measurement of li

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Fluorescence Analysis/Fluorescence Spectrometer/Laboratory Instrument

Fluorescence Analysis/Fluorescence Spectrometer/Laboratory Instrument

Product Description:

      Fluorescence analysis is a high sensitive and high selective sophisticated analytical method. This method can provide information including excitation and emission spectrum, emission light intensity and measurement of life of emission light and polarization fluorescence etc. This method can provide a wide lineal range of working curve. It has becoming an important analytical method in the region of trace analysis

Main Features:

The emission monochromator adopts 1200 line diffraction grating. Its large aperture and non-spherical reflecting mirrors produces extra high sensitivity.
EX light uses LED,match with the central wavelength of 365nm (F93A set includes 365nm,376nm,392nm,405nm). The system can be replaced by customer,Carry on the maintenance expediently & can satisfy more choices and demand. LED is a cold-light source with longevity,lower background & reliability,prevent from thermo-pollution.
Automatic zero adjustment and automatic background subtraction;Eight stage sensitivity adjustment;Real time fluorescence reading display and concentration print out,Extra wide dynamic range of fluorescence reading,accurate measurement of minute changes in samples;
RS-232C serial port interface attached,after option Data Processing Software Package it is convenient to store record & transmit data & draw up a standard operating curve;
Quality fine,less weight & measure,test simply,particularly suitable for Education & Lab.

Technical Parameters:

Product modelF93
Product StandardEnterprise Standard
Display Mode4 digits LED
Dimension  LWH
7(N) 9(G)

Light source:LED 
F93: 365nm
F93A Sets:365nm,376nm,392nm,405nm
*The wavelength of LED can be selected within 360-600nm
Emission monochromator:360~650nm  (C-T diffraction grating)
Wavelength accuracy:±2nm
Wavelength repeatability :≤1nm
Sensitivity:1×10-9  g/ml
(Standard aqua of the sulfuric acid Quinine, 12nm bandwidth)
Linearity deviation: ≤±3.0%
Variation of power source: 220V±22V  50Hz±1Hz
Interface:    RS232 serial port
Printer:serial printer/Jet printer(for PC)
Selectable Data Processing Software Package

Application Areas:

This method has been used in:
Medical science and clinical analysis:Clinical analysis of biological specimen.
Pharmaceutical science and pharmacology:Analysis of natural pharmaceutical products; Quality control of pharmaceuticals and research of pharmaceutical metabolites.
Biochemistry:Analysis of minute quantity of substances in biological body.
Food industry:Analysis of minute quantity of constituents in food.
Pollution analysis:Atmospheric pollution, environmental testing and food contamination analysis.
Organic and inorganic chemistry: Used in the trace analysis in case of  those substances cannot be determined by absorption spectrophotometry.
Standard Parts:

Main instrument                                   1 set          
Power cord                                           1 pc

Instruction manual                               1 copy    
Product quality certificate                     1 copy    
A)                                              2 pcs        
Fuse(5A)                                              2 pcs   
Glass fluorescence cuvette
10mm        1 pair
Packing list                                           1 copy

Optional Accessories and Spare Parts:
  1. Fuses(1A/5A)
  2. 360~650nm interference optical filter(φ25mm)  e.g.: F93A: 365nm,405nm,465nm,515nm
  3. 3.Glass fluorescence cuvette10mm
  4. 4.Data processing software package (pack, for PC)
  5. 5.RS-232C serial port cable

Fluorescence Analysis/Fluorescence Spectrometer/Laboratory Instrument

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Fluorescence Analysis/Fluorescence Spectrometer/Laboratory Instrument

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Fluorescence Analysis/Fluorescence Spectrometer/Laboratory Instrument

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