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Item: Gas Chromatography Analyzer/Transformer Oil Gas Chromatograph Model: GC-7960GC-7960 gas chromatograph is the new type automatic gas chromatograph released by U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited. The instrument adopts large screen LCD monitor, audio-visual display, easy operation. Meanwhile the instrume

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Item: Gas Chromatography Analyzer/Transformer Oil Gas Chromatograph 
Model: GC-7960
Gas Chromatography Analyzer/Transformer Oil Gas Chromatograph
GC-7960 gas chromatograph is the new type automatic gas chromatograph released by U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited. The instrument adopts large screen LCD monitor, audio-visual display, easy operation. Meanwhile the instrument is with digital interface, through one piece of communication cable realizing real-time data and signal acquisition, data processing and testing result on the computer. The artistic and compact appearance design, equipped with modern computer control technology, which makes GC-7960 become veritable, new type and high performance gas chromatograph.
1. Main technical characteristics:
(1) The instrument adopts large screen LCD technology, audio-visual display, easy operation.
(2) Self-diagnostic function, show trouble location.
(3) Touching type keyboard is convenient for the user to set the operating data 
(4) Data power failure protection function, the operating data set by the instrument could be saved for long time after power failure.
(5) Has the function of stopwatch.
(6) Has the over temperature protection device. When the temperature is over setting limit, the instrument will stop heating and report malfunction on the display.
(7) Large screen liquid crystal English display shows the instrument parameter intuitively , greatly convenient for the user to set parameters, such as each channel temperature, heating, detector, bridge current, etc; Intuitively operate the functions, such as FID auto ignition, on-off bridge current, open and close temperature control, open and close heating and each time event, etc.
(8) The instrument computer is connected with the internet, which could connect with instrument by remote computer, realizing remote data acquisition and management, improving the degree of freedom of the device, promoting the effective application of laboratory.
(9) Main control circuit adopts advanced microprocessor, large capacity of Memory, making the data saving more reliable. Meanwhile integrated design that integrating the measurement , control , power supply in one piece of circuit board, improve the anti-interference performance and reliability of instrument.
(10) Adopt temperature controlling circuit of microprocessor, temperature accuracy of controlled object each heating zone reach 0.1 degree.
(11) Intelligent double back opening door technology, ensure that instrument column box temperature has good temperature control accuracy, and could cool quickly.
(12)  Eight steps program heating, fitting for analysis of complex samples of wide boiling point.
(13) Unit type integral structure design, convenient installation and maintenance.
(14) Large volume column box, could install four pieces of chromatographic column at the same time.
(15) Instrument design is reasonable and flexible, could install three types of detectors simultaneously, and has independent electrical system, signal output end.
(16) Flexible packed column and capillary column system, could connect with capillary column in different calibers.
2. Main technical index:
(1) Temperature control index:
Column box : At room temperature 8ºC-420ºC  Precision ±0.1ºC (Measure when at 200ºC)
Sample injector : At room temperature 8ºC-420ºC Precision ±0.1ºC (Measure when at 200ºC)
Detector :At room temperature 8ºC-420ºC Precision ±0.1ºC (Measure when at 200ºC)
Maximum six channels control temperature: apply to multichannel control temperature requirements, such as equipped with conversion furnace.
(2) Column over/heater parameters:
Temperature control accuracy: At room temperature 8ºC-399ºCPrecision ±0.1ºC
Column heater volume: 260mm×260mm×250mm

Program heating step: 5 steps
Program heating rate: 1ºC-40ºC
Each step constant temperature hold time: 0-300min(1min increment )
Automatic back opening door design, ensure cooling quickly.
High-power and low noise rotate fan, ensure the uniformity of temperature.
(3) Stable double pneumatic system:
Carrier gas flow adopts double stable design that voltage stabilization first and then current stabilization.
Precise graduated pneumatic control valve is of high reproducibility and high stability.
(4) Multiple sampling methods are optional:
six-way valve gas sampling
(5) Five detectors are optional.
Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID) : is used in the organics analysis of hydrocarbons industry and other fields.
Thermal conductivity detector(TCD): is used in macro analysis of gas, liquid.
Nitrogen phosphorus detector(NPD):is used in detection of trace nitrogen and phosphorus compounds.
Flame photometric detector (FPD):is used in detection of trace sulfur and phosphorus compounds.

Electron capture detector (ECD): detect the compound which could  capture electrons.
3. High sensitivity detector parameter ensure the accuracy of data
Hydrogen flame ionization detector
Thermal conductivity detector
Electron capture detector
Flame photometric detector
Nitrogen phosphorus detector
Maximum service temperature420ºC400ºC350ºC400ºC400ºC
Limit of detection≤2×10-12g/s≥3000mvml/mg≤1×10-13g/ml(r-666)Mp≤5×10-12g/s Ms≤5×10-11g/sMn≤5×10-13g/sMp≤1×10-12g/s
Baseline drift≤0.10mv≤0.15mv≤0.10mv≤0.15mv≤0.15mv
Baseline noise≤0.015mv≤0.015mv≤0.02mv≤0.02mv≤0.02mv
Linearity range≥106≥104≥104≥103≥103
Technical featureAuto ignition, Capillary nozzle is of high responseImported rhenium tungsten constant current circuitNi63 radioactive source with cleaning gas circuitTop
Other parameters: Dimension: 680*480*500mm  Total weight:65 kg  Input power: AC 200V±10%  50HZ  1800W
4. Supplying List
GC-7960 Gas ChromatographGC Main Instrument. Gas Controlling System, Inlet System,  Controlling Circuit, CPU Controller, Output System1Set
ColumnCapillary Column1Set
DetectorAs selected1Set
Gas SourceGas Generator or Gas Tank1Set
Working StationSP-2000 dual channel & multi-function working station1Set
SoftwareStandard software for PC1Set

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