Liquid pH Tester, Digital pH Meter

Liquid PH Tester, Digital PH MeterPicture of model PH-25 and PH-3CPicture of model PHS-3CB and PHS-3CU Model PH-25PH-3CPHS-3CBPHS-3CURank:0.05 class0.01 class0.01 classpH (Range):(0.00~14.00) pH(0.00~16.00) pH(-2.00~19.99) pHmV(Range):(0~1599) mV(0~±1999) mV(0~±1999) mVº

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Liquid PH Tester, Digital PH Meter

Picture of model PH-25 and PH-3C
Liquid pH Tester, Digital pH Meter

Picture of model PHS-3CB and PHS-3CU
Liquid pH Tester, Digital pH Meter


Rank:0.05 class0.01 class0.01 class
pH (Range):(0.00~14.00) pH(0.00~16.00) pH(-2.00~19.99) pH
mV(Range):(0~1599) mV(0~±1999) mV(0~±1999) mV
ºC (Range): ---(0.0~80.0) ºC
pH (Resolution):0.01 pH0.01 pH
mV(Resolution):1 mV±1 mV
ºC (Resolution): ---0.01ºC
pH (Error):±0.01 pH±1d± 0.01pH
mV(Error):±1% FS±.1mv±1d
ºC (Error): ---±0.01 ºC
Input Impedance:≥1×1012 Ω
Input Current:≥1×1012 A
ºC Compensation:Hand (0.0~60.0) ºCHand  /  Auto (0.0~80.0) ºC
Power:DC (12V /1.0A)
Features:1. LCD
2. Temperature Compensation by Hand
3. One or Two Calibration Points
4. Self-moving E-201-C Style pH
Combined Electrode

1. Bigger LCD
2.Identify Three Types Of Standard Buffer 

Solution (4.00, 6.86, 9018 pH)
3. Two or Three Calibration Points 
4. By Hand or Automatic Temperature
5.Testing pH, Temperature, mV (ORP)
6. Self-moving E-201-C Style pH Combined Electrode
7. USB, REX Data Collection Software---3CU only
8. Dry Battery only for 3 CU

Size (mm)220×160×65 mm290×210×95 mm
N.W. (kg)1.5 kg2 kg
Inner Packing (mm)365×305×215 mm325×300×150 mm
Outer Packing (mm)640×350×780 (including 10 pcs)640×380×660 (including 6 pcs)
G.W./carton18 kg15 kg
N.W./carton15 kg12 kg
Q'ty/20', 40', 40'HC/pcs1780/3600/4070 pcs1164/2352/2658 pcs
All Parts
1. PH Meter ----------------------------------------------------1 pc
2. E201C Combined Electrode -----------------------------1 pc
3. Temperature Electrode -----------------------------------1 pc
4. English Manual ---------------------------------------------1 pc
5. Adapter ------------------------------------------------------1 pc

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