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Breif introductionThe tubular multi-effect distilled water machine is a kind of equipment which uses deionized water as raw material water and steam to prepare water for injection. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, automatic detection of water qualit

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Breif introduction

The tubular multi-effect distilled water machine is a kind of equipment which uses deionized water as raw material water and steam to prepare water for injection. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, automatic detection of water quality of injection water, and the like. The water produced by the machine is stable in water quality and high in purity. The effluent quality meets the requirements of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the European Pharmacopoeia, the United States Pharmacopoeia, and the "water for injection". The machine can also produce high-purity steam for sterilization and disinfection. It is an ideal equipment for water production in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, food and beverage industries, and is the preferred equipment for cGMP compliance in the pharmaceutical industry.
Water Distillation Unit Multi-Effect Water Distiller

How LDS multi-effect distilled water machine works
The qualified raw material water is pressurized by the multi-stage pump and then enters the condenser for heat exchange, and then enters each effect preheater in turn, and then enters the one-effect evaporator through the water distributor to spray on the inner wall of the heating pipe, so that the material water forms a film in the tube. The flow is vaporized by steam from the boiler. The generated secondary steam entraining the water droplets enters the steam-water separation device from the lower end of the heating pipe, and the separated pure steam enters the next effect as the heating steam, and the un-evaporated raw material water enters the next effect, and the above process is repeated. The pure steam generated by the end effect enters the condenser and is cooled by the condensation water from the various effects except the first effect. After the insoluble gas is removed, it becomes the water for injection, and the temperature can reach 92 to 99 °C.

1. Double tube plate: Prevent cross-contamination of multiple materials (double tube plate or single tube plate according to customer requirements).

2. Selection of raw materials: SS316L is used in contact with distilled water and secondary pure steam, and SS304 is used in the rest.

3. The sealing structure is reasonable: most of the equipment adopts flange connection, adopts evaporator and separate split structure, and the gasket uses PTFE to seal the whole machine to prevent leakage.

4. Unique three-stage separation method: falling film evaporation + gravity sedimentation + wire mesh de-foaming.

5. Reasonable control of qualified and unqualified distilled water automatic discharge: through PLC, use two-position three-way valve for control.

6. One-effect liquid level control: avoids the unqualified water in the whole equipment.

7. Electrochemical polishing: high surface finish; improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel; can polish the position that can not be processed by mechanical polishing equipment, which is very important for the effluent quality of multi-effect distilled water machine.

8. Energy conservation: The heat exchange rate of the whole equipment is increased by 20% due to the use of thin-wall heat exchange tubes and advanced water distributors and the injection water produced by each effect evaporator as the heating heat source of the preheater. The 5-effect machine does not use cooling water in the northern region, and the cooling water is used in the southern region. The 6-effect machine does not require cooling water.

9. Long service life: Due to the large space and low speed separation, steam friction corrosion is avoided. The service life of the machine is greatly extended and the work under the same conditions is extended. The service life of the S-type multi-effect machine is 5-6 years longer than that of the spiral plate multi-effect machine.

10. Internal and external argon gas protection automatic welding: welding pipeline and equipment cylinder to ensure welding quality.

11. Insulation layer: Glass wool or composite silicate needle silk blanket is used, and SS304 wire drawing board is used for the outer layer.

12. Control system: There are various control modes for users to choose: manual, PLC+ instrument automatic, PLC+ touch screen, etc. Among them, PLC+ instrument can display the temperature, conductance, flow, pressure, etc. online. The PLC+ touch screen can observe the parameter changes (temperature, conductance, flow, pressure, etc.) online through the touch screen, and keep abreast of the production status of the equipment. And can be equipped with paper or paperless recorder according to customer requirements.
13. The heat source has different heating modes: LDS uses boiler steam to enter the evaporator, and the preheater is heated raw water; LDF uses boiler steam to enter the evaporator and preheater at the same time.

14. Different separation methods: LDS adopts falling film evaporation + gravity sedimentation + wire mesh defoaming, and LDF is separated by falling film evaporation + gravity sedimentation + spiral orbit.

15. LDS type advantage: Compared with F type, 6-effect S-type distilled water machine does not need cooling water, 5 effect micro-cooling water, high heat exchange utilization rate, save energy, long service life, convenient maintenance and easy to leak.

Industrial steam (L/H)Feed water consumption(L/H)Cooling water consumption(L/H)Dimensions(mm)

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